Seat Braking -Wheels - Service Reset - Exhausts & Catalysts - Oil Filters

Seat Brakes
Seat brake servicing. Inspection of Seat brake pipes, pads and brake operation.

  • ABS warning light operation
  • Brake pipe Condition
  • Replace Hydraulic Brake Fluid in Seat
  • Check Seat Brake Discs for Deep Gouges and Scoring caused by embedded particles or pad damage
  • Inspect auxiliary handbrake shoes where appropriate
  • Adjust handbrake
  • Replace Seat Brake Fluid

Seat Service, MOT and Garage Repairs

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Seat Brake Maintenance

Get your Seat brakes serviced: Discs, Rotors Pads, Pipes, Hydraulic fluid, serviced and replaced as needed depending on manual service interval

  • Seat Brake Discs - General brake disc condition
  • Seat Brake Callipers - Correct brake calliper operation
  • Seat Slave Cylinders - Cylinder condition
  • Seat Brake Pads - Correct brake pad movement and amount of wear
  • Seat Brake Drums - Brake drum condition
  • Seat Hydraulic Pipes - Brake pipe Condition

Seat Cooling System Maintenance: Water Pump,Hoses, Control Valves, Temperature Sensors, Radiator & Fan

Seat Coolant
Change Seat Engine Coolant at the manual required service period with the right coolant concentration and volume.
Seat Coolant Pipes
Inspect connecting pipes regularly for flexibility, splitting or coolant leaks. Suspect hoses should be renewed
Seat Temperature Control
Suspect Seat Thermostat control may be rectified by fitting a new thermostat.
Seat Water Pump
When the Seat Coolant Pump circulates with cambelt power think about replacing the water pump while servicing the timming belt

Seat Timing Belt Replacement: Cambelt, Pulley (Idler), Pulley (Tensioner), Tensioner Spring, Gasket

Seat Timing Belt - Cam Belt
Change Seat Timing Belt at the manual required service period with the right Cambelt and possibly the camshaft and crankshaft oil seals.
Seat Timing Belt Function
Timing belts pass engine rotational information and power to the camshaft from the crankshaft matching valve function to piston position
Seat Engine Valves
Timing belts synchronise Seat Valve inlets and outlet to admit fuel and air and controlling the exhaust valve operation.
Seat Timing Belt or Timing Chain
When the Seat uses a timing chain; timing part servicing can be increased greatly

Seat Filters & Oil Change: Fresh Oil, Particle Filter, Air Filter, Pollen and Dust Filter, Change Fuel Filter

Oil Change - Seat Engine
Replace Seat Engine Lubricating Oil at regular service intervals. Performance Lubricating Oil protects moving parts, reducing friction, contains built-in corrosion protection able to protect for 5000 miles or more.
Seat Filter Replacement
Engine Lube Oil Filters should be replaced as they eventually get blocked with a layer of sludge and dirt.
Seat Inlet Air Filter, Fuel Filter, Pollen Filter
Renew the filters as required; to help your engine breathe. Filters block. Check the Seat Guidelines and fit new filters as required

Seat Tyres - Tyres Replaced & Balanced

Tyres - Seat Road Tyrs
Replace Seat tyres when tyre tread wear. Inspect regularly to ensure that tyre tread wear is not irregular.
Seat Tracking
if any tyres wear is irregular, check if the vehicle wheel tracking has not been affected.

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