Gateshead - Peugeot Brakes -Wheels - Service Reset - Exhaust Fitting - Oil & Filters

Peugeot Gateshead Brakes
Peugeot Gateshead brake servicing. Inspection of Peugeot brake pipes, pads and brake operation.

  • Brake calipers Condition Operation and Leaking
  • Brake pipe Condition
  • Peugeot hand brake linkages condition - cleaning and lubrication
  • Check Peugeot Brake System for Corrosion
  • Adjust handbrake
  • Check Peugeot Brake Discs
  • Replace Hydraulic Brake Fluid in Peugeot

Peugeot Brakes - Peugeot Brake Servicing

Get your Peugeot brakes checked: Pads, Discs, Rotors Hydraulic fluid, Pipes, checked and replaced as needed based on manufacturers service interval

  • Peugeot Brake Pads - Correct brake pad movement and amount of wear
  • Peugeot Gateshead Slave Cylinders - Cylinder condition
  • Peugeot Brake Callipers - Correct brake calliper operation
  • Peugeot Brake Drums - Brake drum condition
  • Peugeot Brake Discs - General brake disc condition
  • Peugeot Hydraulic Pipes - Brake pipe Condition

Peugeot Cooling: Coolant Pump, Pipes, Control Valves, Temperature Controller, Peugeot Radiator

Peugeot Coolant
Peugeot Cooling System should be changed according to the manufacturers required service period with the right coolant - water ratio and amount.
Peugeot System Hoses
Pipes should be inspected regularly for elasticity, splitting or coolant leaks. Suspect hoses should be renewed
Peugeot Temperature Control
Temperature control problems with the Peugeot Thermostat could possibly be fixed by fitting a new thermostat.
Peugeot Pump
If your Peugeot water pump runs from your timing belt then it may be wise to the water pump and timing belt together

Peugeot Cambelt-Timing Belt: Timing Belt, Idler Pulley, Pulley (Tensioner), Spring, Cam Cover Gasket

Peugeot Timing Belt - Cam Belt
Peugeot Timing Belt should be changed according to the manufacturers required service period with the right Cambelt. You could also change oil seals on the Cam Shaft and Crank shaft.
Peugeot Timing Belt Importance
The Cambelt - Timing Belt allows engine rotational information and energy to the camshaft from the crankshaft matching valve function to piston position
Peugeot Engine Valves
Timing Belts Control the Opening of Peugeot Engine valves readying the piston chamber for fuel & air and controlling the exhaust valve operation.
Peugeot Timing Chain or Timing Belt
If your Peugeot has a timing chain then service life will be greatly extended

Peugeot Filters & Oil Change: Oil Service, New Oil Filter, Air Inlet Filter, Pollen and Dust Filter, Peugeot Petrol/Diesel Filter

Peugeot Oil Change
Peugeot Engines - Replace oil at regular service intervals. Quality Lube Oil coats moving parts, minimising friction, contains built-in corrosion protection that lasts between services.
Peugeot Oil Filter
The Oil Filter should be replaced because they lose efficiency with a build-up of dirt on the filter.
Peugeot Combustion Air Filter, Inline Fuel Filter, Pollen-Dust Filter
Renew the filters as required; to optimise engine performance. Filters block. Consult your Peugeot Service Manual for correct filter replacement intervals

Peugeot Tyres - Peugeot New Tyres Fitted

Peugeot Tyres
Peugeot Tyres - Replace road tyres when tyre tread wear. Look to see that wear is uniform.
Peugeot Wheel Alignment - Tracking
if any tyres wear is not uniform, see if the Peugeot wheel alignment is not misaligned.


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