Power Steering

Power Steering and Servicing

Power Steering relates to Power Assisted Steering. When you turn the steering wheel of your motor vehicle; sensors detect thhe change in postion and an hydraulic pump or servo motor provides additional power to help turn the wheels in the desired direction

Hydraulic Power Steering

Most cars use a hydraulic system. The engine drives an hydraulic pump via a belt or drivechain that pressurises the hydraulic steering system.

Hydraulic steering systems often fail when the drive belt snaps or a leak develops and hydraulic steering fluid leaks and pressure is lost.

Servo Assisted Steering - Drive By Wire

Electrical Servo Motors are also becoming popular. A position sensor on the steering wheel sends information to a mini computer that controls the servo. Any change in position is converted into a signal that sends power to the servo. A mechanical steering linkage is also present in case of system failure.

Power Steering Replacement Parts

  • Power Steering Pump
  • Power Steering Rack
  • Power Steering Pinion
  • Power Steering Hoses/Pipes
  • Idler Arm
  • Idler Arm Bushes
  • King Pin Components
  • Steering Arm
  • Tie Rod End
  • Tie Rod Assembly
  • Transverse Link
  • Ball Joint Kit
  • Steering Gear Box
  • Servo Control Units
  • Seals
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Power Steering Reservoir