Car Filters and Servicing

Oil Filter
The Oil Filter helps remove abrasive particles, metal swarf and dirt to help protect engine parts from premature wear.

Air Filters

Air Filter - Engine

Pollen Filter - Cabin Filter
Your vhicle air conditioning cabin filter or pollen filter can easily get clogged with fine dust, dirt and damp air. It can then become a breeding ground for fungal spores and bacteria giving that must smell when your air conditioning unit is turned on. The cabin filter - pollen filter is a very fine filter designed to remove small air-borne particles of dust and pollen. The filter should be replaced every 12 months/12000 miles. If the filter blocks then air flow drops with the danger of failure of the air conditioning evaporator due to insufficient air flow.

Fuel Filters

Diesel Filter
A diesel fuel injection engine pumps diesel into the combustion chamber under very high pressure. The fuel filter is place between the engine and the fuel tank to trap and remove large particles that could cause serious damage to the engine or fuel injectors and seriously impair engine performance while being very costly to repair. A fuel filter blocked with fine debris or filled with water will not function correctly and lead to poor performance. Water forcced through the filter can cause the fuel injectors to overheat.

Petrol Filter