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Clutch Repairs - Replacement Clutches & Fitting

Service Requirement

The clutch is designed to connect the engine or powersource to a gearbox to match engine power/revolutions to road speed andmaintain optimal performance

Clutch Plate - Driven Plate
The clutch plate has a hard wearing high friction material on both sides.
The Clutch Plate is fitted between the engine flywheel and a spring loaded pressure plate. The pressure plate is controled by the clutch pedal. Hence, depressing the clutch pedal releases the pressure on the clutch plate.

Clutch Operation While Driving
The clutch assembly rotates at very high speeds. The clutch pedal has a linear motion yet needs to control the rotating clutch assembly. In order to solve this problem a clutch release bearing uses a fork acting on a thrust face to help engage- disengage the clutch assembly.

Slipping Clutch

The clutch helps control how the engine power is used to turn the wheels.
Engine Torque or Engine Power is transferred via the clutch system using only the contact friction between 2 clutch faces pressed together.

A slipping clutch occurs when the clutch plate contact friction is too low usually as the high friction surface wears away.
The clutch can also slip if the engine torque is too high; for example: rapid acceleration from a standing start

Torque Capacity and Performance

  • Torque Capacity is determined by :
  • The Coefficient of Friction of the engaging Clutch Faces
  • Diameter of the Clutch Plate
  • The Pressure or Spring Loading

High performance vehicles often use a multi-face clutch with greater contact area and friction so that more power can be transmitted without clutch slip.

Most road vehicles use a single plate oem clutch system

Dual Mass Flywheels

Dual-Mass Flywheels are fitted to many light commercial vehicles that need to be reliable due to the very high mileages requiring regular clutch replacement.

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