Chip Tuning - ECU Eprom Programming

Chip tuning
Engine tuning by modifying an EPROM chip within the electronic control unit (ECU) to modify performance characteristics such as:

  • More Power
  • Lowering Emissions
  • Improving Fuel Economy

The ECU chip holding a data map to control engine performance can be replaced or flashed with updated software through an OBD II interface.

Performance Tuning - OBD II (OBD 2) - On Board Diagnostics

OBD II Function
Most drivers rely on their vehicle for reliable economical driving and the on board diagnostics system warns when faults occur that impact on performance and fuel economy.

OBD II Reprogramming
OBD II can also be used to acquire data that relates directly to engine performance. So, rather than replace the existing ECU with a performance chip system it's possible to reprogram the performance related aspects of the OBD II chip system to boost performance on some vehicle models.